I haven’t been posting lately at least not like I should! I am going to try to do better however. Today my #Kicks of choice were my trusty #Nike Air Shark trainers.
I recently needed some stock rollerskating images for flyers, posters, etc. So I managed to link up with my sis Teauna Chantel to get a couple of snapshots with her skates on.
Model: Teauna Chantel
Photographer: Bryant Anthony
Graphics: Bryant Anthony
Model: DeMeka Gaddy
Location: Atlanta, GA
#Nike P-Rod 2.0
#Nike #Rockstar #Vandals
Another #Iconic shot. This was taken on the first creative project good friend A.Jones and I worked on. So you can say this shoot was the beginning of our friendship. Like most of my first photographs of my close friends this too is sentimental to me. 
This shot has to be one of my most #Iconic shots to date! I thought about trying to re capture it, but I honestly don’t know if its possible. This shot has a lot of sentimental value and wont be right without the same person.
I managed to make it to the Posed Awards, I wasn’t all that impressed; but I still had a good time and networked with some old associates and colleagues. I was able to catch a candid shot of a good friend of mine before she went into the awards. I like in the moment shots more than anything. They are so much more natural versus the staged look.
Designer: Tiarra Leon
Photographer: Bryant Anthony